Mark Cherrett

Mark Cherrett photoMark was born in the UK and from an early age he had a passion for performance. His family played a large role in developing his interest, encouraging his imagination and giving him the freedom to explore. He has fond memories of the family staircase transforming into a difficult climb up “Mt Everest” and joining in an imaginary orchestra while walking along the street with his Grandmother. His public performances began early! Mark’s enthusiasm continued throughout his school years. As a member of the acting club he enjoyed imitating celebrities and even performed in his own ‘one man show’ in front of his school peers at the age of 9. He still remembers looking out at the children in the audience who were staring at him on stage, they were smiling and had big open eyes. This moment confirmed for him that he wanted to perform for people.

With his natural inclination as a performer evident, Mark’s parents enrolled him in the local drama club. This experience taught him how to invest himself into roles, develop strong routines and gave him the confidence to attend auditions for roles in TV productions, pantomimes and Broadway style musical theatre. He left drama club at the age of 13 and moved onto a musical theatre school to fine tune his already keen interest in the arts, learning about energy and performance technique. After a short stint at college, Mark decided it was time to pursue his need for more ‘hands on’ experience.

It was a very difficult decision but one that paid off. In his first acting job he was cast in the role of the ‘Mad Hatter’ at a local attraction park, performing daily shows in character for A8 hours a day. This was a 16 year old budding actor’s dream job as it gave him the free reign to try new techniques and styles, while changing his character slightly each day. After 2 years mark felt he needed a new challenge so he auditioned as a dancer in a live entertainment bar. This experience taught him how to dance and perform to choreographed routines, in a ‘boy-band’ style show.

At 18 he was approached by a holiday village who asked him to be a regular entertainer. He couldn’t believe his luck! He was performing in 3 shows per week and learning to MC, while being mentored by some of the best people in the business. Mark quickly became the Entertainment Manager which developed his organization and management skills and gave him the opportunity to direct shows, a new challenge altogether! After two years in the role, Mark was approached again by a previous employer to run a live entertainment venue with a staff team of 40 people. In this role, he performed nightly in live stage shows and continued to develop his skills in management and stage direction.

While these roles provided him with great experiences, Mark held on to his acting dream and continued to actively pursue roles. It was in 2005 that he auditioned for a main role in a primetime TV show and landed the part. While he enjoyed acting and filming on location, he decided to take a break and reassess his goals. Mark decided to change direction and head for the high seas and in 2006 he became the Cruise Director for P & O. In this role, he was involved in production, performing and was also the MC when required. The variety provided to him in this role was second to none and the travelling component wasn’t bad either!

Mark met his wife Melony onboard and they left their buoyant life at sea to set up home in Adelaide. Together they own and operate a boutique fitness studio and Mark sings at over 60 events per year in his Michael Buble style tribute show. Passionate about sharing his experiences and knowledge of the industry, Mark is proud to present Fame Train, a performing arts school which puts fun at the heart of entertainment.

Mark has been very fortunate to be taught to perform ‘outside the box’ which has not only been a huge success in his performance career but also taught him some valuable lessons in life. Mark looks forward to helping you or your child find their inner performer at Fame Train.